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ATAL s.r.o. focuses primarily on developing and producing diagnostic tools such.

as devices for communication with control units of vehicles of many brands, emission testing machines (gas analysers and smoke meters)

ATAL s.r.o. is a holder of the 9001:2015 certificate

Product assortment – brief overview

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Emission Measurement Devices

Emission Measurement Devices

Car Diagnostics Overview

Car Diagnostics Overview

Motocyklová diagnostika, tuning

Motorbike Diagnostics, Tuning

Welcome to the website of company ATAL s.r.o.

ATAL s.r.o. has long been one of the foremost producers of diagnostic tools for motor vehicles
in the Czech Republic and beyond.

  • it is the manufacturer of ATALGAS tools for measuring emissions of combustion engines
  • it is the manufacturer of the DIAG4BIKE family of diagnostic and tuning tools for motorbikes of selected brands