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Car Diagnostics Overview

Up-to-date overview of all available tools for car diagnostics.
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*) … valid only for the Czech Republic

Go to page: AT531 5007 Multi-Diag Access 2 BT

Multi-Diag Access 2 BT

  • Communication interface
  • It is designed for diagnosing vehicles fitted with an OBD connector
  • Cable or Bluetooth communication
  • Multi-Diag Access 2 BT is a multi-brand, PC-based diagnostic system for performing diagnostics on electrical control units of cars

Go to page: HaynesPro WorkshopData (valid only for the Czech Republic)

HaynesPro WorkshopData

(valid only for the Czech Republic)

  • Company ATAL offers the HaynesPro WorkshopData car database including extension modules.
  • The WorkshopData database allows professional mechanics to perform diagnostics, maintenance and repairs of modern cars, whether they be passenger cars, light commercial or utility vehicles or trucks.

Go to page: AT840 500x Overview of Suspension Shock Absorber Testing Machines

Suspension Shock Absorber Testing Machines

  • The suspension shock absorber testing machine is used for inspecting the condition of shock absorbers of vehicles with maximum axle load of 2,500 kg
  • The testing machine differs from current testing benches by analysing the response of the shock absorber based on resonance frequency (the most critical frequency for determining the vehicle’s adhesion to the road surface) instead of examining the minimum adhesion value of the wheel (EUSAMA method).
  • The measurement result is stated in C.A.P. (Phase Damping Coefficient). This value is not dependent on other properties of the vehicle (weight, tyre pressure) which influence other current measuring methods.

Last page update: January 10, 2019