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AT114 3015 Current sensor 500A

Car Diagnostics

AT114 3015

Current probe 500A

Option of Multi-Diag Scope

  • AC/DC current clamp sensor is an accessories for Multi-Diag Scope, which is able to measure the electrical current up to 500 A (DC) /350A (AC), in frequency range
      up to 400 Hz.
  • During current measuring by this current probe, it is not necessary interrupt the circuit or break the isolation.
  • The sensor is powered directly from Multi-Diag Scope, so there is no need to use a battery.
  • In case of direct current measuring, the polarity of output voltage depends on connection of current sensor into the measured circuit. Direction of the current is indicated by arrows on the probe.
  • Measuring of DC current is influenced by “DC magnetization of the core”. Therefore is necessary to make a reset from time to time.
    • This is done in digital ammeter in Multi-Diag Scope or turning the button directly on the current probe.
    • At the time of resetting the jaw must be closed and the current probe must be outside the wire.

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Last page update: November 8., 2018