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Technical Data

  • Multi-Diag Scope is a dual channel digital differential oscilloscope (featuring separate measuring channels) with multimeter and recording analyser.
  • The system is designed for connection to a PC (PC not included in the delivery)
  • Expanding the Device with a wide assortment of accessories allows measuring electric current, high voltage in ignition, temperature and other quantities associated with motor testing (motor tester no longer in sale).
  • Clear control software with a wide range of presets for measuring individual signals with option for saving and viewing recorded waveforms.
  • The programme enables saving not just individual images, but also the course of readings over time thanks to the record function. Records also allow zooming; the signal recording also shows important limit values at the bottom.
  • Printing of current waveforms even from records

Requirements for PC

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: compatible with Intel Pentium 400 MHz or faster
  • HDD with 1 GB available
  • RAM 512 MB
  • Free RS232 or USB port


Record Analyzer

  • Allows recording of measured waveforms
  • The maximum length of recording depends on the selected time base (details in the prospectus)
  • The recorded waveforms can be displayed in an animated form or statically with comfortable navigation
  • It is possible to control channel sensitivities, time base, zero base levels and other parameters
  • The records can be saved to disk and reloaded at any time later and all waveforms can be printed out
Preview Record Analyzer
Preview Record Analyzer

Oscilloscope set includes

  • Multi-Diag Scope communication interface
  •  Scope cabling
    • cables for connection to the vehicle, suitcase
  • Multi-Diag Software


  • Computer (PC or laptop) not included in the set
Multi-Diag Scope communication interface (with cabling)
Software for AT540 Oscilloscope

Optional accessories

  • AT114 3016 … Current sensor – 5/50 A
  • AT114 3015 … Current sensor – 500 A
  • AT 111 3016 … HV touch sensor
  • AT 111 4018 … HV sensor N
  • AT 111 4017 … HV sensor C1
  • AT 535 5001 … Universal connecting set
AT114 3016 - Current sensor – 5/50 A
AT114 3015 - Current sensor – 500 A

You can learn all the information from the brochure or contact our sales department, agenda Multidiag

Last page update: November 8, 2018