Ing. Josef Hořejší about company ATAL s.r.o.

″We are grateful for your interest in our company and its products″

Ing. Josef Hořejší, Managing and Executive Director of ATAL s.r.o.

Ing. Josef Hořejší, Managing and Executive Director of ACTIA CZ

Profile of Company ATAL s.r.o.

  • We possess a very strong development infrastructure and develop the majority of the products we sell.
    • Our range of activities is relatively wide, but we continue to focus on electronic equipment, maintenance and inspection of transport equipment and machinery.
  • We are the producers of ATALGAS tools for measuring emissions of combustion engines.
    • ATALGAS are emission testing stations equiped with exhaust gas analysers (for spark ignition engines) and smoke meters (for compression ignition engines).
    • Emission stations ATALGAS are exported to many European and non-European countries.
  • ATAL provides after-sale services for the Czech Republic directly.
    • After-sale services in other countries are provided by contracted business partners.
  • The company actively participates in the preparation of regulations for emission measurement inspections in the Czech Republic and EU.


  • ATAL participates in development and sale of international project Multi-Diag, a multi-brand diagnostic tool for passenger cars.
    • It provides distribution and after-sale services for this device in the Czech Republic.
  • Company ATAL is the producer of the DIAG4BIKE family of diagnostic and tuning tools for motorbikes of selected brands:
    • INDIAN®
    • Our distributor network covers all world countries.
    • The company provides all after-sale services, including a hot-line, in the Czech Republic.
  • ATAL ensures country-wide distribution and all application service and after-sale service for products in the area of on-board electronics. These include.
    • Audio-video systems
    • Surveillance systems for public transport vehicles (city and long-distance buses, trams and trolleybuses).
    • Multiplex control systems for buses, construction vehicles, agricultural machinery, etc.

Certificate ISO 9001 ATAL s.r.o.